Volunteer Opportunities for Summer!

Summer Chipper Days

This year, we are planning a slightly different approach to chipper day.  Residents will be able to drop off their brush at the following locations in their neighborhood, to make it more convenient.  The following events are scheduled throughout the summer months.  If you are unable to make it to the event in your area, you may bring your brush to any of the locations listed below:

Scenic neighborhood – Olema & Sir Francis Drake       Saturday, July 11 9 am– 3 pm

Jolly Hill neighborhood – Pavilion parking lot               Saturday, August 15 9 am-3 pm

Deer Park neighborhood – Deer Park parking lot        Saturday, September 26-9 am-3pm (this location pending approval by MMWD)

To prepare for chipper day, please cut your brush to 4 inches in diameter.    You may bring brush, bay tree saplings, scotch broom, branches and other yard trimmings.  Please, no rocks or fire wood.  Brush will be chipped on site and taken for recycling to Marin Resource Recovery Center.  Please do your part to clear your property and provide defensible space to protect yourself and your family from wildfire danger.  For more information, you may contact Maria Baird at (415) 456-5652, or e-mail her at mbaird at townoffairfax.org.  To download a brochure on “Living with Fire in the Ross Valley”, go to www.shfpd.org.  Thank you for your participation in this very important program!


Attend a free workshop at the Women’s Club, 46 Park Road, on Saturday, August 8th from 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.  You will learn live saving skills you’ll use when emergency professionals can’t get there!  To reserve a space, please contact Judy Greenwald at (415) 299-9104.  Sponsored by the Marin Medical Reserve Corps.

SAVE THE DATE for the Town-Wide Picnic

The  9th annual town-wide picnic will take place on Sunday, September 13th from  noon- 5 p.m. on the ball field.  Don’t miss this spectacular event!  We can’t offer this event without your help.  To volunteer, please call Maria Baird at (415) 456-5652, or e-mail her at mbaird@townoffairfax.org.


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