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Upcoming Movie – Marin On Fire!


Friday, May 9th at 7:00 p.m. at the Women’s Club, 46 Park Road. 

Come and watch this alarming movie about what would happen should a wildfire occur in the hills of Marin, narrated by Peter Coyote.

The Fairfax Volunteers will be sponsoring the showing of the film.  Our very own new Fire Chief, Mark Mills will be on hand to answer questions following the film and talk about the steps you can take to ensure the safety of your family & property should such an event occur.

Please don’t miss this opportunity!

Highlights from Chipper Day

On Sunday, October 20th and Sunday, October 27th, the Town sponsored “Chipper Days” for residents in Fairfax, to help reduce the fire load in our residential areas. “Tree Man” Contractor Aaron Corbiere was set up at the upper Pavilion parking lot, taking brush collected from around town.

On the first day, a total of 4.98 tons of brush was collected from 50 residents.  On the second event, 92 residents brought in a total of 7.12 tons of vegetation debris. All debris collected by Marin Sanitary for composting.

Most of the participants were from the following neighborhoods:

  • Deer Park
  • Tamalpais/Scenic
  • Jolly Hill
  • Cascades

Special thanks to our volunteers — Helen Fauss, Denny Ferry, John Reed, and Ted Pugh — who helped staff the event, making Fairfax safer from fire danger!

 This program is sponsored by the Town of Fairfax, the Ross Valley Fire Department, and Marin Sanitary Service.